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Wireless and Wi-Fi Solutions

More and more people require Wi-Fi access nowadays.

As the Internet is there at every person’s hands connectivity is a key requirement. Basic requirements of any human being has changed and now besides food, shelter and clothing we require at least 2Mbps connectivity.

Wireless is widely used as connectivity medium because of its flexibility, mobility and low cost.

Smartphones are capable of handling almost all the tasks of computers.

Laptops/Tablets has taken over traditional computation with added mobility factor.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

  • Its 802.11 b/g/n solution giving fast/efficient connectivity up to 300 Mbps
  • Its more stable than 3G/ 4G or any other solution currently available.
  • It consumes less battery of any portable device than 3G/4G
  • Its flexible and can be a controlled solution.
  • Necessary monitoring and filtering can be done.
  • We can define Plans and can control bandwidth/data usage with third party solutions.
  • Almost 100% automatic deployment
  • Lesser maintenance cost.
  • Freedom from cables, casing/capping, cable failures and add on connectivity devices like patch panels racks.
  • Uniform standards supported by all devices.

Customized Example ( Coffee Shop )

We can have a secured Wi-Fi deployment with entire control over multiple locations

We can keep a smart track customers about likings purchases made.

Advertisement during login about the branches.

Centralized management console.

Discount/gift vouchers can be distributed.

Wi-Fi Solution by Asic

Our solution is having our own customized firmware within the Access Points because of which AP reports to a centralized server on the cloud or on the local premises.

This server maintains complete control over users in terms of authentication, internet plans and logging.