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Network Migration

Lots of new emerging technologies are coming up to reduce human efforts, costs and time. For all such technologies companies need to deploy new applications, new hardware equipment or new O.S. platforms. This creates a necessity to migrate previous network infrastructure to new infrastructure. In depth study of the process and analysis of the infra is required for this.

Asic gives its additional touch to such operations by adding cutting edge technologies and solutions for network migrations. This makes network migration a very smooth procedure and it also makes it very easy to administrate in the future.

Benefits of Network Migration

  • Deployment of the cutting edge technology becomes possible with the network migration.
  • Switching the network into completely IP based network enables us to integrate almost all the available technologies such as surveillance systems or attendance systems.
  • To reduce the cost over the equipments.
  • To reduce the management efforts over the infrastructure and network.
  • Centralized security for the entire infrastructure.
  • More control over the resources and perfect utilization of the resources is possible.